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LOJA – Ecuador

One of the beautiful small towns of the world

I chose – for you – fantastic images of the small town LOJA, which represent the beauty of the civilization of Latin America, and especially the country of Ecuador:


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Loja is a city in Ecuador and the capital of the province of Loja. It is located in the south of the country, 430 km south of Quito. Its population was 118,532 in 2001.
It was founded in 1548. It is known to have received the visit of Simón Bolívar during his campaign to unify Greater Colombia. It has distinguished itself by being the first Ecuadorian city to receive power thanks to a hydroelectric dam built in 1896.                                                                    



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Author: davidacostasilva. Source:


View of the Loja region

Author: Diego Lizcano  . Source:


Puerta de Loja

Author: Beatrice Murch  . Source:

ecuador, loja

Jipiro Park

Author: fabulousfabs  . Source:


Bolivar mural

Author: Beatrice Murch  . Source:


Murals – Loja

Author: Francesco Veronesi . Source:


15 U Loja Ecuador

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Ecuador Loja Church and Convent of San Sebastian

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Original statue of Don Quixote de la Mancha next to the door of the City of Loja Ecuado

Author: Rafa Zúñiga T . Source:



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  1. I like the statue of Don Quixote and the vivid colors in some of the photos.

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