SHENZHEN 深圳市 : .. One of the beautiful cities of the world

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One of the beautiful cities of the world

I chose – for you – fantastic images of the small city Shenzhen, which represent the beauty of the modernization of Chinese urbanism:

Model Building Shenzhen Tall Buildings

Model Building Shenzhen

Lights Pingshan Shenzhen Twilight Night View Light

Night view, Shenzhen lights


Located on the edge of Hong Kong, Shenzhen is still largely rural in the 1970s. In 1980, part of its territory acquires the status of special economic zone and becomes one of the main places of experimentation of the policy of opening to Foreign investments. Benefiting from its privileged geographical position, it is enjoying spectacular economic and demographic growth. In 2010, it has about 10 million inhabitants and is one of the richest municipalities in China. It is part of the Chinese megalopolis of the Pearl River Delta.


Author: Hawyih  . Source:


Author: Chintunglee . Source:


Streets in Baishizhou

new Shenzhen, large scale land development; right: small scale redeveloped Baishizhou. foreground: usual street chaos. also, in case you were wondering how a city the size of metro D.C. appears “overnight,” here’s your answer.

Author: Payton Chung . Source:


Lokmachau huanggang crossing

Double decked bridge across the Shenzhen River between en:Lok Ma Chau in Hong Kong (left) and Futian Port in Shenzhen

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Avant Garde Hotel Xixiang Shenzhen


Apartment Contruction Xixiang Shenzhen


Shenzhen City views from the Longgan Line China




Xixiang Apartment rooftop Views, Shenzhen

Author for 6 photos: Chris (Thanks Chris) Source:


Author: lzq19840715  . Source:


Musical fountain, Shenzhen

Author:  liuyuanmei362 .Source:


Ping An Finance Center, Shenzhen

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