The beauty of a country: …. SOUTH KOREA

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The beauty of a country:

Looking for beautiful thematic pictures for you, I met a very charming country full of all natural beauties, human, cultural and industrial. I present you the images of South Korea. I hope you like them


Seoul Fortress Wall of Bugaksan


Songdo Central Park, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon


Red poppies at Sangdong Lake Park


Seoul: View from the top


Cheongnyeongpo Cape

Cheongnyeongpo Cape, located on the upper reaches of the Namhangang River in Gwangcheon-ri, Nam-myeon, Yeongwol-gun, is known as the place of King Danjong’s exile. King Danjong (King of the Joseon Dynasty, 1452-1455) was banished from the kingdom after being overthrown by his uncle, King Sejo. King Danjong was exiled on Cheongnyeongpo Cape, surrounded on three sides by water and a steep wall-like rock called Yugyukbong on its west side. The course is so isolated that it can only be reached by ferry.


Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain (2 photos)


Hongeun Bridge


Goryeosan: Mountain of 436 m


Busan, Sinseondae



The view from Ansan Mountain


Dumulmeori, Yangseo-myeon, Yangpyeong District, Gyeonggi


Cheonggyecheon Umbrellas
Umbrellas with messages written by members « The Korea Youth United » (대한민국 청춘연합) to spread awareness about the March 29 « Earth Hour » campaign


Nodeulseom (Island in Seoul)


5 photos of Lotus Lantern Festival Parade (2014)

Author of all photos: travel oriented  (Thanks very much). Source:


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  1. Absolutely wonderful pictures. I lived in Seoul for four years (right by the orange bridge over the Han, in your first pic!) and you captured the city (and country) wonderfully!

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