Mois : février 2018

MUSEUMS: .. (7) Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Beauty of Art and pictures for you MUSEUMS (7) Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Netherlands The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (Amsterdam State Museum), is a Dutch national museum, located in the capital of the kingdom, and devoted to fine arts, craftsmanship and history of the country. It is the largest museum in the […]

PAINT MOVEMENTS: ..(7) New figuration

PAINT MOVEMENTS (7) In this series of articles, I will give you, dear friends and readers, a simplified idea of the main styles and movements of painting. New figuration Saint George and the Dragon (1992) Bengt Lindstrom (1925 – 2008) Author:  Pedro Ribeiro Simões. Source: The new figuration […]

The beauty of a country:.. 2) SURINAME

Beauty of Art and Images for you ———————————- The beauty of a country: 2) SURINAME In search of beautiful thematic pictures for you, I met a beautiful little country in South America (Area 163,270 km2, With a population of about 520,000 inhabitants), full of natural and human beauties. […]