National Gallery of Victoria: … Melbourne – Australia

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National Gallery of Victoria

Melbourne – Australia


National Gallery of Victoria, Southbank, seen from above

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The National Gallery of Victoria is an art museum located in Melbourne, Australia. Established in 1861, it is the oldest and largest museum in Australia. The main part of the museum is located at St Kilda Road, in the heart of the Southbank City of Arts, with an annex at Federation Square.
Thanks to the generous donations of wealthy citizens, especially the industrialist Alfred Felton, the National Gallery was able to start buying important collections of old and modern masterpieces from abroad. The museum currently houses 63,000 works of art. Its visitors per year 1,650,000 (2006/2007).


National Gallery of Victoria ext

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Psykter amphora Chalkidian black-figure ware attributed to the inscriptions painter:
Side A: Achilles dismounts from his chariot to kill the fallen Eurymachus . Side B: Scenes of fighting from the Trojan War, with Glaucus (frontal, centre) and Menestheus. Subsidiary decoration: rays from the base and a lotus/palmette band above the panel. Much added red and white for details. There are holes at the base of the handles and a channel/drain hole in the base, suggesting the vessel was used for cooling wine.

Current location: National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

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The Atrium, entrance to the Ian Potter Centre: NGV

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Bodhisattva National Gallery of Victoria

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“Shearing the rams” – Tom Roberts  (1856–1931)

Current location: National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

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Henry Moore, English 1898-1986 – Draped seated woman (1958 bronze).

In Grimwade Gardens, National Gallery of Victoria

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“Two Old Men Disputing” – Rembrandt  (1606–1669)

Current location: National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

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David Hockney Current exhibition NGV

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“The Banquet of Cleopatra” – Giovanni Battista Tiepolo  (1696–1770)

Current location: National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

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“Weeping Woman” – Picasso

Current location: National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

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Sculpture Gallery, north wing, National Gallery of Victoria

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