The beauty of a country:.. 2) SURINAME

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The beauty of a country:

In search of beautiful thematic pictures for you, I met a beautiful little country in South America (Area 163,270 km2, With a population of about 520,000 inhabitants), full of natural and human beauties. I present to you the images of Suriname; I hope you like them


Mt Volzburg in Suriname (South America)

Author:  David Evers . Source:


Lawa, river separating Suriname from Guyana

Author:  A. Jailloux . Source:


A market in the city Paramaribo, capital of Suriname

Author: M M from Switzerland . Source:


Waterkant Paramaribo

Author: Forrestjunky . Source:

14110821309_ca0c5a2625_bPresidential Palace

The 18th century Presidential Palace faces Onafhankelijkheidsplein in Paramaribo. Dutch governors general ruled Dutch Guyana (Suriname) from here until independence in 1975.

14143139219_34418048c2_bThe Arya Dewaker Mandir

is the largest Hindu temple in Paramaribo, Suriname.

14147505138_94f46087c4_bZorg En Hoop Airport

near downtown Paramaribo is one of Suriname’s two international airports. On the right is the Jules Wijdenboschbrug across the Suriname River.

14159966508_5a0c4aa45e_bPeperpot in the Commewijne district opposite Paramaribo

is one of the oldest plantations in Suriname, dating from the 17th century. In 1998 the plantation became a nature park and the former manager’s residence on the right is now an office.


Dutch colonial architecture is evident in the former administration building of the Marienburg Plantation sugar mill in Suriname’s Commewijne district. The mill closed in 1986.

14182346837_10e1e6fd8a_bFort Nieuw Amsterdam

In 1747 Fort Nieuw Amsterdam was built at the confluence of the Suriname and Commewijne rivers to protect nearby plantations. Today it’s an open air museum.

14406614971_37f9817cf1_bAnaula Nature Resort

Anaula Nature Resort lies on the Upper Suriname River near the center of Suriname.

14392136436_09042469f4_bMaroon Band Tranga Faja

The Maroon band Tranga Faja playing at Anaula Nature Resort on the upper Suriname River.



14295117845_98e80dff71_bThe Palmentuin

behind the Presidential Palace in Paramaribo, Suriname, dates back to 1685.

Author of 9 photos: David Stanley (thanks David). Source:


River of the Maroni

Author:  Patrick Wilhelm . Source:

2655715982_3f6b9fdb70_bHotel pool

2654885207_8c14874c23_bPolice HQ

Author of 2 photos: Oskari Kettunen. Source:




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