The most beautiful cliffs in the world (a)…

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The most beautiful cliffs in the world (a)

The tectonic faults of our planet, created an exceptional natural beauty: The cliffs, which bring together the grandiosity of the terrestrial reliefs, the beauty of the water, the charm of the lights, and the emotions of the contradictories.
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2398938769_dd8745feef_bAuthor: Santi Martin . Source:

800px-Teneriffa_–_Los_Gigantes_–_Puerto_de_Santiago_-_panoramio_(1)Author:Edgar El . Source:

Acantilados de Los Gigantes along the western coast of Tenerife island- Spain

Des falaises volcaniques verticales se précipitent sur l’océan de plus de 500 mètres de haut. À l’époque des Guanches, ils étaient appelés «Mur de l’Enfer». la ville Puerto de Santiago apparaît au premier plan.


The Twelve Apostles

in Port Campbell National Park, along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.

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5432441801_ce1ddc273d_bAuthor: Dennis Frank  . Source:

Zig_Zag_Mule_Trail_to_Kalaupapa_on_Molokai_Cliff_Face_James_Brennan_Hawaii_-_panoramioAuthor: James Brennan Moloka  . Source:

The cliffs of Kalaupapa

The North Shore Cliffs–these and the ocean define the isolation of Kalaupapa.
Na pali, or sea cliffs, rising thousands of feet above the peninsula and ocean, separate the peninsula from the rest of the island of Moloka`i to Hawai`i (USA). This area has been designated as the North Shore Cliffs National Natural Landmark



Cleft of Gjógv in Eysturoy, Faroe Islands.

The Faroe Islands are an autonomous archipelago belonging to the Kingdom of Denmark. They are composed of 18 volcanic rock islands between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean                                  [Wikipedia]

Photo author: Erik Christensen  . Source:

Cliff_of_Etretat,_FrancePhoto author:Ibex73  . Source:

19578526271_bc8a408cf7_bAuthor:Campus France. Source:

The cliffs of Étretat

  The cliffs of Etretat are located north of Le Havre in Normandy, on the coast of the Channel in the country of Caux (North of France). They are famous for their extraordinary and monumental white chalk cliffs and pristine white pebble beaches.



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