Beauty of the mountains: …The mountain range of Altaï


Beauty of the mountains:

The mountain range of Altaï

800px-2006-07_altaj_beluchaAltay mountains (Belukha)


The Altai mountain range, which stretches over 2,000 km, is a mountainous system in Central Asia, mainly in the Altai Republic (Russia) and Kazakhstan. It also extends to the southeast in Mongolia and China.
The alpine reliefs are in the highest zones of the Katoun mountains (4,506 meters), the Chouïa Alps (4,173 meters), the Kouraï mountains (3,446 meters), the Saïououguem mountains (3,502 meters), Tchikhachov Mountains (4,029 meters), Chapchal (3,507 meters), Southern Altai (3,871 meters). The highest point is Mount Belukha, located at the end of Katoun Ridge at 4,506 m.
The landscapes of the Altai are very diverse, made of high mountains, sharp rocks, small mountains, plains, combes, steppes of dry grass, coniferous wood and impassable thickets of the taiga, lakes and mineral springs, rapids and waterfalls.


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the-peace-2956571_960_720Teletskoye Lake, Altai

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800px-Kazakhstan_Altay_2Altai Mountains in Kazakhstan

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yurt-486866_960_720Steppe in Altai of Mongolia

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mountains-2145200_960_720katun river, Altai

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800px-Berg_BeluchaThe Belukha, the highest point of the Altai, View from North

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800px-Верхнее_Шавлинское_озероView of Upper Shavlin Lake. in the Chuya alps the height is about 2170 meters

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800px-View_on_Tamanyol_PassView on Tamanyol Pass in Chemalsky District of the Altai Republic

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