MUSEUMS: ….(8a) Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC)

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Metropolitan Museum of Art


The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is one of the largest art museums in the world. Open to the public since February 20, 1872, it is located in the borough of Manhattan. The museum also includes another building, “The Cloisters”, at the north end of the island, in Fort Tryon Park; This annex presents medieval works of art and reconstructions of European cloisters. The Met’s collections include more than two million works of art from around the world, representing a wide range of objects. The first pieces were brought by the founders and then gifts and legacies of great collectors and the various acquisition policies conducted by successive directors. Visitors can admire treasures from Antiquity, such as those exhibited in its Greek and Cypriot galleries, through paintings and sculptures of all great European masters, to a large collection of American art. The collections are also composed of Egyptian, African, Asian, Oceanian, Middle Eastern, Byzantine and Islamic works.    [wikipedia]

246896968_6dc95bda71_bAuthor : Wally Gobetz  . Source:

800px-Outside_the_Metropolitan_Museum_Of_Art_(5893442271)Author: Alex Proimos  . Source:

New_York._Metropolitan_Museum_of_Art_(2738122267)Author:  Tomás Fano  . Source:

the-met-2264072_960_720Author: ram0nm  . Source:

dsc_1022Great Hall

dsc_0978Hall of Arms and Armour

dsc_0918Temple of Dendur

Author of 3 photos:  Robin Stevens,

26675035066_a046c4c4c4_kThe crowded foyer.

Author: denisbin. Source:

800px-MET_architecture_NYCAuthor:  mister-e . Source:

14584628629_d21deb6ef2_kInside the Carroll and Milton Petrie European Sculpture Court.

14768925124_06f24960c2_k.jpgPart of the Robert Lehman Collection

Author of 2 photos : Phil Roeder. Source:

NYC_-_Metropolitan_Museum_-_Carroll_and_Milton_Petrie_European_Sculpture_CourtCarroll and Milton Petrie European Sculpture Court.

Author:  Jean-Christophe BENOIST  . Source:

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