The festivales: 1)…..RIO CARNIVAL

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The festivales: Beauty of colors, shapes and movements

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Beauty is moving? Yes
I found for you a source of multi-dimensional beauties. a lively and mobile source: Festivals
With these pictures, I wish you a lot of fun.


800px-Carnaval_do_Rio_de_Janeiro_2004_–_A.T.FOTOGRAFIA_0040204Author (2004): Andre Telles  . Source:

Carnival_of_Rio_de_Janeiro_2015_E70A3113Author (2015): nateClicks . Source:

The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) is a festival that takes place every year before Lent and is considered the largest carnival in the world with two million people a day on the streets. The first Rio festivities date back to 1723. They are celebrated in honor of the gods and respect the great waters.

The typical carnival parade in Rio is filled with revelers, floats and trinkets from many samba schools in Rio (more than 200 or so).        []

Carnival_of_Rio_de_Janeiro_2014_(12957229613)Author (2014):Ben Tavener . Source:

Carnival_of_Rio_de_Janeiro_2011_-_2nd_Float-_Oceans,_The_Cradles_of_Life_(6922145917)Author (2011): Ian Gampon . Source:

12974016393_d8c7967760_kAuthor (2014): Nicolas de Camaret  . Source:

Portela_Carnival_2016_Sambodrome_Marquês_de_Sapucaí_Rio_de_Janeiro_Brazil_-_panoramio_-_Hiroki_Ogawa_(3)Author (2006): Hiroki Ogawa . Source:

Vila_Isabel-31_(3028407310)Author (2008): Team at Studios . Source:

Carnival_of_Rio_de_Janeiro_2011_-_11th_Wing-_Queen_Bees_(6922155653)Author (2011): Ian Gampon . Source:

12973844805_76ba61c32d_kAuthor (2014): Nicolas de Camaret  . Source:

12991755343_dada7958fc_kAuthor (2014): Nicolas de Camaret  . Source:

33170361952_fbbae28387_kAuthor (2017):Terry George . Source:

33197808401_ffdb758244_kAuthor (2017):Terry George . Source:

12974217034_2d5af79e5a_kAuthor (2014): Nicolas de Camaret  . Source:

12982152574_d693926d22_kAuthor (2014): Nicolas de Camaret  . Source:

32943050630_30dce4ac48_kAuthor (2017):Terry George . Source:

32943051970_277d191c69_kAuthor (2017):Terry George . Source:

32482935974_61ae24651d_kAuthor (2017):Terry George . Source:

32955865790_bed62f99cd_kAuthor (2017):Terry George . Source:


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