Do you know this place ? .. 5) CANCUN

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Do you know this place ?

In this series, I discover, for my friends, beautiful places very little known. In the whole world.


Cancun_Strand_Luftbild_(22156904032)Author: dronepicr  . Source:


Cancún is a Mexican city located in the state of Quintana Roo, northeast of the Yucatán Peninsula. Located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, it has 628,306 inhabitants (2010).
Cancún was located on a Mayan trade route to present-day Honduras. According to archaeological research, several sites of the island were inhabited during the pre-Columbian era, until the sixteenth century. The area was discovered by the Spaniards in 1517.



chichen_itza_mexico_sun_weekend_blue_culture_architecture_yucatan-1295396.jpg!dSourceof 3 photos:

tulumTulum Archaeological Site


The climate is tropical in the dry season, this means that the year is divided into two main periods: A dry season starting in November and ending in May and a wet season from June to October.

The sixteenth international conference on climate change (under the auspices of the UN) took place from November 29 to December 10, 2010          [wikipedia]

Cancun-40Author: Dronepicr . Source:

Cancun Lagoon Xcaret Vacation Mexico TropicalSource:

800px-Imagebysafa2Author: Mardetanha  . Source:


Author: Mariamichelle  . Source:


25628556368_b7b7041c3c_k38777756594_1df363c440_kAuthor of 3 photos: Pedro Szekely  . Source:

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