(7) Beautiful beaches of the Europe

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(7) Beautiful beaches of the Europe

My dear friends

At the beginning of summer, I sought for you, the most beautiful beaches in the world.

I hope you like and find you pleasure.


Nice  Beach, France

Author: rhodesj . Source: flickr.com


Myrtos Bay, community of Pylaros, on the west coast of Cephalonia, Greece

Author: Christos V.   Source: commons.wikimedia.org


Palanga beach, Lithuania

Author: jo.sau  . Source: commons.wikimedia.org


Costa del sol, marbella; Spain

Source: pexels.com


Budva, Beach Jaz, Montenegro

Author: Bratislav Tabaš . Source: commons.wikimedia.org


Cala Sassari, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia (Italy)

Author: Evgeny Zhukov .Source: commons.wikimedia.org


Sandwood Bay facing north, Scotland

Author: Manico . Source: commons.wikimedia.org


The Praia dos Tres Castelos beach, to the west of the Praia da Rocha town beach in Portimão, Algarve, Portugal

Author: Steven Fruitsmaak  . Source: fr.wikipedia.org


The Beach at Hornbæk, Denmark

Author: Guillaume Baviere . Source: commons.wikimedia.org


Majorque Alcudia Marina Manresa Paya Sant Juan, Spain

Author: rene boulay  . Source: commons.wikimedia.org


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  1. You know once I found an amazing beach in Scotland. It was winter and grey and I was about to catch my cycle on an electric fence plugged into a main socket but other than that it was ihcredible

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