ARCHITECTURE is digital art: (11) architecture of Shenzhen

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ARCHITECTURE is digital art (11)

I have chosen fantastic images of architectural masterpieces that represent the modern trends of architecture in the world.
I hope you like them

14547302285_2b00ac1878_kAuthor: Yida Xu. Source:

The beauty of the architecture of Shenzhen City

Shenzhen is a sub-provincial city of Guangdong Province in China. It has only really developed since 1980 with the status of “Special Economic Zone”.



2906604787_b26bb1c699_bSmoggy observation deck, Meridian Tower, Shenzhen

2906594493_97473d2f53_bMeridian towers, Shenzhen

Author (4 photos): Cory Doctorow. Source:

SHENZHEN:Population 10,470,000 inhab (2011)
Density 5,257 inhab./km2
GDP per capita US $ 22,000 (2013)


Author: Chintunglee . Source:


Author: Popolon . Source:

800px-Shenzhen_FongTin_to_Hong_Kong_BridgeShenzhen FongTin to Hong Kong Bridge

Author: WiNG . Source:

East_Pacific_Center_Towers_(1)East Pacific Center Towers

Author: jo.sau . Source:



14524214026_0e583e0bb5_kAuthor (3 photos): Yida Xu. Source:


Author:Wishva de Silva . Source:

311px-China_merchants_bank_tower China Merchants Bank Tower

Author: Daniel J. Prostak . Source:

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