My latest abstract expressionist: ….. »Planet of Questions »

My latest abstract expressionist


« Planet of Questions » is a charming and dreamy artistic creation. I imagined in this work a complicated structure, with different floors, which represent several depths, several types of elements, several environments, and several families of homogeneous colors. The ensemble forms a dynamic, energetic, surreal and metaphysical imaginary astronomical universe.
the image does not leave the spectator indifferent, which absorbs the vision and the sensibilities of the painter and becomes an analyst and an emotional one; It is the psychic state caused by the painting of the abstract expressionist style, with impressionist touches.


« Planet of Questions »




Abstract expressionist




5000×7222 px (7.15 MB)


12 July 2018

68_k_salon 2

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  1. Oh, you are on ArtMajeur too! What do you think about this site, is it good enough to pay for platinium account? Well, back to the subject: your digital art is wonderfull, I love the colors and movements in this piece. I can compare your paintings from last year and I’m delighted to see the evolution you made and that your artistic universe is still so vivid and moving. Cheers me up!

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  2. Hey my dear one…
    You are very welcome hun…I am so happy to hear that I can bring you encouragement as that is what you and your art does for me… I love your art work…and always look forward to seeing it…and reading your post of sites that I know that I will never see in this lifetime…
    Hugggggs n ♥♥♥

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  3. I love this my dear…
    every aspect of this…the depths the illusion going on of many layers …I see many different aspects of this…
    Very wonderful my friend…thanks again for another wonderful masterpiece …
    Hugggs n ♥♥♥

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