Beauty of colors, shapes and movements: ….3) The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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The festivales: Beauty of colors, shapes and movements

Dear friends and visitors
Beauty is moving ? Yes
I found for you a source of multi-dimensional beauties, a lively and mobile source: The festivals
With these pictures, I wish you a lot of fun.

3) The Edinburgh Festival Fringe


216113710_746fd9c8bd_b2006                                                         Author (2 photos):Edinburgh Blog . Source:

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, is an artistic festival inaugurated in 1947 that takes place every year in August in Edinburgh for three weeks. The Fringe is a huge gathering of shows (more than 2,500 each year), mainly theater, comedy, music and dance.
It is the largest arts festival in the world, bringing together artists from every conceivable background, from comedians to acrobats, from classics to the biggest, creating a real electric buzz throughout August in Edinburgh.
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2008                                                            Author : David Gilmour. Source:
2009                               Author:Festival Fringe Society  . Source:

2012                                                                       Author (3 photos) :byronv2. Source:

2013                                                 Author:Kim Traynor . Source:
2014                                                          Author:  William Starkey . Source:
2017                                                         Author:C.Suthorn . Source:
2017                                                               Author :ian_woodhead1. Source:

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  1. I propose you 3 choices:
    1) Join the Boomtown Festival (August 9 – 12, 2018) in Winchester
    2) Stay in a quiet hotel in Gornergrat (Altitude: 3 135 m) of the beautiful mountains of Switzerland.
    3) Good warm rest under sun of the beautiful Spanish Costa Brava beach (not expensive)

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