(10) … 4 beautiful beaches in Africa

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(10) 4 beautiful beaches in Africa

My dear friends

In the middle of summer, I sought for you, the most beautiful beaches in the world.

I hope you like and find you pleasure.

Bom Bom Beach:

Ilhéu Bom Bom, is an island in the Gulf of Guinea. The islet is located north of the coast of the island of Príncipe, one of the main islands of São Tomé and Príncipe and is almost completely forested. Its population is 15 (2008 est.).                       [Wikipedia]


21235118752_f74050a0cf_bBom bom island


21050088389_8c66f5c8d9_bThis footbridge connects Bom Bom Island to Principe Island

Author (4 photos): David Stanley. Source: flickr.com


Trou-aux-Biches is a city on the north coast of Mauritius in the district of Pamplemousses. According to the World Travel Group, its two-kilometer white sand beach is one of the most beautiful on the island, rewarded by the World’s Leading Beach Destination at the World Travel Award in 2011. Many resorts and hotels are located near the beach.                                                                     [Wikipedia]

Mauritius_beachAuthor: Romeodesign . Source: fr.m.wikipedia.org


28143841082_8cd78242bf_kAuthor: Bryn Pinzgauer. Source: flickr.com

Trou_aux_Biches,_Beach_(1)Author: Karsten Ratzke . Source: fr.m.wikipedia.org

Beach at Likoma Island:

Likoma Island is the largest of the two islands of Lake Malawi (the other being Chizumulu). Although enclosed in the territorial waters of Mozambique, it belongs to Malawi, the two islands forming the district of Likoma. It has about 9000 inhabitants.                                                                                                 [Wikipedia]



8467175168_48cf4eda0e_kAuthor (3 photos): TravelingOtter. Source: flickr.com

Beach of Aghroud, Agadir, Morocco:

Located 25 kilometers north of Agadir, Aghroud, with its crystal clear waters, is one of the most beautiful beaches in the region. Uncrowded because of its distance from major cities, it is the ideal place for those who wish to swim in peace and security.
The beach of Aghroud, is located in a bay where it is protected from the ferocity of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a beach of golden sand and the waters are calm there.


bdb642fed0cce8e7801a3af98fcd730cSource: appart-taghazout


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