Beauty of colors, shapes and movements: ..GREEN MAN FESTIVAL and INTERNATIONAL BALLOON FIESTA

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The festivals: Beauty of colors, shapes and movements

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Beauty is moving ? Yes
I found for you a source of multi-dimensional beauties, a lively and mobile source: The festivals
With these pictures, I wish you a lot of fun.


The_Mountain_Stage_at_Green_Man2013                                         Author: WalterJackRussell  . Source:

Green Man is an independent music and art festival held every year in mid-August at Brecon Beacons, Wales. It has become an event of 4,000 people with a capacity of 20,000 people (alternative, indie, rock and folk). , dance and americana), with additional events featured in literature, film, comedy, theater and poetry.
The 2017 Green Man Festival celebrated the 15th anniversary of the event.
Green Man 2018 takes place from August 16 to 19, 2018.   

Greenman2008                                            Author: BlacksmithMJK. Source:

Green Man Festival 20082008                                            Author: Jethro Collins  . Source:

5729795_a20c46b82014                                                 Author: John Harvey  . Source:

6168281951_0dc839427a_b2011                                               Author: Nicholas Smale . Source:


800px-Bristol_Balloon_Festival_2006_32006                        Author: Mike Peel  . Source:

The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is held annually in England. Teams from the UK and other parts of the world bring their hot air balloons to the site and participate in mass ascents where as many as 100 balloons may launch at a time.The event was first held in 1979 and is now one of the largest in Europe. It is common to have crowds of over 100,000 on each of the four days of the festival.One popular attraction is the night glow, when balloons are inflated and glow to music after dark. These are held on the opening Thursday night at approx 9:30pm, followed by a spectacular fireworks display. There is another night glow at the same time followed by the fireworks on the Saturday night.     [Wikipedia]

Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2018 takes place from August 09 to 12, 2018






7754295008_30f06ed81f_h2003                                       Author (6 photos): Karen Roe  . Source:

5492658_ed32acb1_1024x10242015                                                 Author:  Paul Coueslant  . Source:


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  1. wow gives me some cools shapes to work with for my balloon..yeah I never saw hot air balloons like this before.

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