The beauty of a country: 7) SAN MARINO

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The beauty of a country:

In search of beautiful thematic photos for you, I met a beautiful small isolated country, landlocked inside Italy, 10 kilometers from the Adriatic Sea: SAN MARINO

800px-Panoramic_SanMarino_Adriatic_matlAuthor: Matl . Source:

San Marino is a European micro-state enclosed in Italy. It is the third smallest state in Europe and the fifth largest in the world. It is also the oldest republic in the world with a constitutional system dating back to the 16th century.

800px-Panorama_din_San_Marino9Author: Cezar Suceveanu  . Source:

  In February 2015, the country had 32,793 inhabitants, including 5,042 foreigners. There are 12,973 San Marino residents abroad. The Republic is an integral part of the historic Montefeltro region.
The Republic of San Marino is located at the eastern tip of the Apennine mountain range.


The San Marino territory is, for the most part, very hilly. Its area is 60.57 km2. The twelve kilometers separating the northern and southern ends of the country are dominated by the imposing limestone massif of Mount Titano (rock Titan) which rises to 739 meters. The city of San Marino is located at the foot of its southwest side.                                                                                                               [Wikipedia]

800px-Fortress_of_Guaita_2013-09-19Author: Max_Ryazanov . Source:


The Rocca o Guaita, one of the castles of San Marino

Author: Gunther Hissler . Source:


Aerial tramway gondola travels between San Marino city and Borgo Maggiore

Author: Vladimir Menkov . Source:


The Parliament Building of the Republic of San Marino, built in gothic-revival style, in 1884-1894

Author: Andreas Trepte . Source:

800px-Via_Eugippo,_20,_47890_San_Marino_di_Urbino_SM,_Italy_-_panoramio_(1)Author: karel291 . Source:


Street in San Marino

Author: Cezar Suceveanu . Source:



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