A MASTERPIECE, IN THE HISTORY OF PAINTING : (18) “States of Mind I: The Farewells”


(18) States of Mind I: The Farewells


States of Mind I: The Farewells  – (1911) – Umberto Boccioni

Oil on canvas, 70,5 X 96,2 cm

Photo Author: Derek Mead. Source: flickr.com

Umberto Boccioni is a futuristic Italian painter and sculptor, born October 19, 1882 in Reggio Calabria, died August 16, 1916 in Verona.792px-Umberto_Boccioni_-_Self-portrait,_oil_on_canvas,_1905,_Metropolitan_Museum_of_Art

In 1908, in Milan, Umberto Boccioni met Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, creator of Futurism, whose manifesto appeared on February 20, 1909. Boccioni then became the theoretician of the futurist movement. In 1912-13, he deepened his knowledge of the philosophy of Henri Bergson who will have a very important role in the formation of his theory of art and the creative process.
In 1914, he published “Paintings, futuristic sculptures” and explains the purpose of futuristic painting: “While the Impressionists make a painting to give a particular moment and subordinate the life of the painting to its resemblance with this moment, we synthesize all the moments (time, place, form, color, tone) and thus build the painting “.

He died in Verona in 1916, following a fall from his horse while he was engaged to defend his country.                                                                                      [Wikipedia]

 Artist’s photo:Umberto Boccioni – Self-portrait (1905)– Source:fr.wikipedia.org


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