Beauty of Nature: AUTUMN IN THE WORLD


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Beauty of Art and Images for you —————————— Beauty of Nature AUTUMN IN THE WORLD In the northern half of our planet, we are in the middle of autumn. Nature changes her clothes and colors. The climate becomes cool, the … Lire la suite



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WHAT BEAUTY IN  ART ? Everyone knew that beauty and art are related to the eternal. We always hear the sentences « a beautiful painting » « They are beautiful the creations of this artist » « your art is full of beauty » ….. But … Lire la suite

My mother is dead


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The artistic creations of ALOZADE: a) Abstract-expressionist catalog: « My mother is dead«  Description: During my trip to Spain (this month), I received the shocking news: My mother is dead (October 5, 2018). I did not have the time or the … Lire la suite

the most beautiful lakes in the world ……


Beauty of art and images for you The beauty of the lakes the most beautiful lakes in the world DEAR FRIENDS AND READERS I CHOSE – FOR YOU – PICTURES OF EXCEPTIONAL BEAUTY: THE BEAUTY OF THE LAKES IN WORLD, … Lire la suite