Everyone knew that beauty and art are related to the eternal. We always hear the sentences “a beautiful painting” “They are beautiful the creations of this artist” “your art is full of beauty” ….. But what beauty (s) do people talk about? what beauty (s) do (s) exist in art works?

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n spite of the strong relations between them, we must first distance Art from other creative areas especially sciences that do not look for beauty, craft trades too technical and philosophy that seeks the creation of ideas.
Natural beauty is the first beauty that comes out of an artistic work to touch the feelings of the spectators. This causes a false “popular” idea: The artist is the one who transfers a natural beauty to his work. Let us know that modern photography is doing this job harder and faster than all artists.
If we look at most of the works of the famous artists of the 20th and 21st century; we find the absence of this natural beauty, and yet we feel the rays of another discrete beauty that upsets us.
So, in the subject of an artistic work, a natural beauty can exist and even dominant; But the viewer who describes this work as “beautiful” because (only) of this beautiful subject, knows nothing about Art.

58_K_Peak emotionsTo find the true beauty of Art, I had to look in the writings of the great philosophers of Art, especially at Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HEGEL in his book “Art and rational thought”.
HEGEL thinks that “Artistic beauty is superior to natural beauty because it is a product of the spirit … The beautiful artist holds his superiority because it involves the mind and therefore the truth.”
Artistic beauty is – therefore – a product of the spirit of the artist, it is a new systemic beauty, built with spots, lines, dots, colors …. and feelings, intuitions, imaginations, relationships, wishes, thoughts, desires, design, perception, …
The Artist uses the elements of nature, the tools of technology, the thoughts of philosophy, but he must be a genius who invents aesthetic systems.


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  1. One does not have to know specifics about art creation and there is nothing wrong with saying Art is beautiful. Actually, just as with other art forms such as poetry, the real beauty lies in the emotions it evokes rather than rules or specifics. Just saying…the art posted, however is lovely.

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