Trip to southern Spain : 1) TARIFA and ALGECIRAS

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My trip to southern Spain


On my trip to southern Spain (2-12 October 2018), I took pictures especially for my friends from my blog.
I hope you will love them



Statue of Alfonso Perez de Guzmán

Spanish captain, born in Valladolid in 1258 and died in 1309. He was a natural son of Pierre de Guzman, governor of Castile. He distinguished himself particularly during the reign of Sanch IV, King of Castile, and took the Moors Tarifa (1293). This general served with the same devotion Ferdinand IV, successor of Sanche, and the queen mother Marie. He took Gibraltar from the Moors in 1308.


Statue of Sanche IV, King of Castile and Leon

Born May 12, 1258 in Seville, died April 25, 1295 in Toledo. He repulsed an offensive led by the Sultan of Morocco and the Emir of Granada. He allies with France against Aragon and is dedicated to the wars of the Reconquista against the Moors. In 1292, supported by the Genoese, he won the battle of Tarifa.

To the left of the photo: A gate of Castillo de Tarifa (Castle of Guzmán el Bueno) was built in 960 by Abd-ar-Rahman III, caliph of Córdoba. During the capture of Tarifa by the king of Castile, Sancho IV, in 1292, the castle was given to Alonso Perez de Guzmán for his defense.


20181010_182153I am in the only (artificial) road that leads to the island “de las palomas”.


Playa de los Lances

In the background of the photo: the mountains of Sierra de Enmedio



Statue of Francisco de Copons y Navia

Born in Málaga (1764) – Died in Madrid (1842). He participated in the Spanish War of Independence, participating in the Battle of Bailén and other important activities.
Legend engraved on the back of the monument of Tarifa.
He obtained the rank of brigadier in August 1809, and that of marshal in March 1810. In 1814, he was appointed captain general of Catalonia.

For its heroic defense of the population of Tarifa during the aforementioned war of Spanish independence against the French troops, the city pays tribute to him in this monument




The large port of Algeciras





In Plaza Alta

“Plaza Alta” (place haute), par opposition à la place du marché “Plaza Baja” (place basse). était la place de la grande mosquée musulmane (transformé comme église) jusqau 14 siècle.Depuis 1783, elle possède une fontaine publique “Los Arcos” alimentée en eau par la ville. La place a été redessinée en 1925 et réaménagée en 1930.

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