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In this series of articles, I will give you, dear friends and readers, a simplified idea of the main styles and movements of painting.

Metaphysical Painting

15698024112_299e375683_kPhoto author: Mike Steele. Source: (Some rights reserved)

Giorgio de Chirico: Great Metaphysical Interior (1917)

The metaphysical painting marks a return to a figurative painting that evokes the tradition of the Italian Renaissance. The conception of time and space belongs more to the imaginary than to the real. This painting proposes subjects situated outside our contemporaneity to pose metaphysical questions to us through enigmatic images.


Giorgio De Chirico (1971 Milano)

Born on 10 July 1888 in Volos, Thessaly (Greece),

and died on 20 November 1978 in Rome, Italy,


The current is centered around its founder Giorgio De Chirico, who will not be a school or almost but who will leave open a path that will be taken up by the surrealists. De Chirico thinks that art must not be related to its own time, whether historical, ideological or social. He must not take part in the ideologies of the moment, in social values or in the history of his time, but must be outside of all this, going beyond these values to rise above and posing questions of higher order … Metaphysical questions.


De Pisis Filippo Flowers of the Fields (1953)

Metaphysical painting announces the beginnings of Surrealism. Indeed, if this new movement approaches the precedent by its formal similarities, its questions are quite different. Surrealist theories rely mainly on Freud’s psychological and psychoanalytic studies. Metaphysical painting is a part of the futuristic movement.


Murals ceramico Tondo by Giuseppe Prinzi (1988)

16532824411_74cbb580a0_kPhoto author: jean louis mazieres. Source: (Some rights reserved)

Giorgio Morandi (1890-1934). Natura Morte. Still Life. About 1935. Florence Novecento Museum

24334836029_488a150954_hPhoto author: jean louis mazieres. Source: (Some rights reserved) 

 Giorgio de ChiricoThe spouses. The couple. (1926)

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