The beauty of a country: ….6) ARUBA

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The beauty of a country:

In search of beautiful thematic photos for you, I met a beautiful little isolated country in the middle of the Caribbean Sea Caribbean: ARUBA.

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Aruba is an island in the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Venezuela (27 km north). The island forms an autonomous state of the Kingdom of the Netherlands since January 1st, 1986. It has a surface of 193 Km ², and a littoral of 69 Km of length
Aruba is famous for its white sand beaches, warm tropical weather all year round, its oil refinery, and off-shore financial services
Aruba had 110,663 inhabitants (2010), its capital Oranjestad had about 30 thousand inhabitants.

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232935286_2db4017f28_bOranjestad – Capital of Aruba


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