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SEOUL -South Korea

Very civilized, highly developed and very peaceful country: SOUTH KOREA.
Look at the beauty of its capital Seoul

339359436_864eea32b1_bAuthor: Trey Ratcliff .Source:

Brake Lights of Seoul. Looks best: Large on Black

Namsan_cable_car_in_Seoul_KoreaAuthor: Tim Adams . Source:

An ascending Namsan Cable Car, with the Sogong-ro thoroughfare and skyscrapers of Seoul’s Myeong-dong neighborhood in the background


korea-2836848_960_720Author: dldusdn. Source:

han river in the center of Seoul

Korea-Seoul-Cheonggyecheon-2008-01Author: stari4ek . Source:


Hi Seoul’ 2008. Spring. 2nd day (5 May)



Lotte World – Seoul – Yongsan


3021096857_cb652ea8f8_bAuthor: US Army photos by Edward N. Johnson .Source:

Namhansanseong Fortress – Seoul

This is a south fortress built for the defense of Hanseong (Seoul), the captial of Joseon. It was built in the Three Kingdoms Period. It was remodeled in 1624 and after that it underwent repairs about 10 different times.

yanghwa-bridge-in-seoul-south-koreaAuthor: Neothinker. Source:

Yanghwa Bridge in Seoul

facing-garden-1214958_960_720Author: USAGI_POST. Source:

Gyeongbok palace garden

jongno-2714601_960_720Author: USAGI_POST. Source:

Statue of yi sun sin in the jongno-gu district


Street in Seoul


Seoul Urban Architecture 



korea-96639_960_720Author: sebo106. Source:

Traditional Monuments and Costumes, Seoul


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  1. except south korea, japan and usa; everyone is silent.
    why do we talk a lot about Syria, Yemen, Jerusalem, Nyanmar …..? and why, about the next Korean nuclear war, the words, the analyzes, the reactions, the manifestos, …. are rare?

    Aimé par 1 personne

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