Nudes … Controversial then adulated … Eternal paintings

Nudes … Controversial then adulated … Eternal paintings!

by Chris Le Guen*

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“Nue à la feuille”- Chris Le Guen

– Series Nus – Linen canvas 177X150 cm – Oil Painting and Pigments – Saint-Perreux – Morbihan

In California, I worked in a studio where I made nudes, still naked, and still naked for more than a year.

When I came back to France, I moved on to something else. I worked with materials I had on hand (wood, palette, linen, etc.), until my students asked me to do nude model sessions.

And hop! It was gone again! I went back in … This “Naked to the leaf” has been retouched more than once. At the very beginning, the lying woman was completely naked and visible. During an exhibition of my paintings on the “Nudes”, the audience watched all my paintings … except her! Embarrassed by so many details … So I had to draw her panties.

But at the next exhibition, the same scene happened again. The leaves appeared.

A heresy …
Titian and “The Venus of Urbino”, it does not tell you anything? Yet it is thanks to his talent and his representation of feminine sensuality that his painting could be cited as the ancestor of many controversial images of the history of art.

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*Chris Le Guen: Visual artist, painter and sculptor in Saint-Perreux in the Morbihan (56) – France. She also gives art classes ….

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