My trip to southern Spain: 3) SCULPTURES OF MALAGA

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My trip to southern Spain


On my trip to southern Spain (2-12 October 2018), I took pictures especially for my friends from my blog.
I hope you will love them



The fountain and the statutes of the GALVEZ family, a Spanish family whose members played an important role in the 18th century.


In front of his birth house, with the status of Pablo Ruiz Picasso (1881-1973), born in Malaga. The famous Spanish painter, draftsman, sculptor and engraver, founder of Cubism.





The statue El Cenachero on the Plaza de la Marina, created in 1968 by the Malaga artist Jaime Fernández Pimente. She represents a fisherman who sells his fish on two flat baskets that balance on his shoulders.



Sculpture in the gardens of Picasso, Málaga
On Sunday, October 30, 1977, the sculpture group “Siéxtasis”, created by Miguel Ortiz Berrocal, was created in Los Jardines de Picasso, in the presence of Paloma Picasso. Berrocal represents two bodies – a feminine and a masculine – embraced in front of a heart, whose arteries surround them in a progressive composition.


Bust of Pablo Iglesias made by the sculptor Emiliano Barral (1896 – 1936)

Pablo Iglesias (1850 – 1925), founder of the PSOE


statue of Paul Cézanne, (1839-1906), is a French painter, member of the Impressionist movement, and regarded as the precursor of Post-Impressionism and Post-Cubism.



With the statue of Hans Christian Andersen , Bronze sculpture by José María Córdoba
Hans Christian Andersen (1805 – 1875) is a Danish writer, here he is sitting on a bench, in a relaxed posture.A scene that could perfectly reflect some of those moments that the author of The Little Mermaid spent in the city of Malaga during the first days of October 1862 and that he collected in his story “Travel to Spain” .

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