In this series of articles, I will give you, dear friends and readers, a simplified idea of the main styles and movements of painting.

Informal art


“compo”Waldemar smolarekcommons.wikimedia

The expression “informal art” or “informalism” brings together the abstract and gestural tendencies that have manifested themselves in Europe, particularly in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Benelux, Austria and Switzerland in the the post-war period (1945-1960).
Informal art finds equivalents in America, especially with the trend of abstract expressionism.
In the process of informal art, the artist gives full freedom to the unexpected material (taste for the task and the accident) and the randomness of the gesture, refusing the drawing and the control as well as the traditional conception of painting and its journey that leads from the idea to the finished work, passing through sketches and sketches; it is an open work that the viewer can read freely. The pictorial adventure is totally new: instead of starting from a meaning to construct signs, the artist begins with the making of signs and then gives meaning to them – the help of the music that has produced the informal musical art .
Informal painting is characterized by the desire to break with the influence of cubism and surrealism and its pictorial principles of form, tonal harmony, balance, proportions, unitary composition and centralized structuring.
The painting is therefore unstructured and the works are often made in the moment, with a part of improvisation.                                                                                 []

 “Informal art” refers to many trends in modern painting such as:

(Before each movement, a painting / example with its title, its painter, and the author of the photo)

Lyrical abstraction : 


Basel Mural, Sam Francis rocor



One Year the Milkweed, 1944Arshile GorkyCliff



Grande rossoAlberto BurriRoger

Surface 102, 1956 – Giuseppe Capogrossi jean louis mazieres


Action painting:


Xpace and the ego, 1945Roberto MattaFrans Vandewalle


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  1. Ahmed, this is very different art. Informal Art doesn’t have a theme until it’s finished. Seems as if there’s no thinking involved, just the visual expression of color and form. I like some of the not so full paintings that have space like the Lyrical Abstraction. 📚 Christine

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