The most beautiful castles: CASTLE OF VERSAILLES (a)

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The most beautiful castles

Paris – France

I was looking for you, my friends and readers, pictures of the most beautiful castles in the world. Here is the third series dedicated to the castle of Versailles (The most beautiful castle in the world)

a) Outside:


1024px-Vue_aérienne_du_domaine_de_Versailles_par_ToucanWings_-_Creative_Commons_By_Sa_3.0_-_073Author:ToucanWings . Source:

Aerial view of the Palace of Versailles

6310306411_6076244702_bAuthor: Vinicius Pinheiro. Source:

The entrance of the Palace of Versailles

1024px-OrangerieAuthor: Urban  . Source:

Orangery of the Palace of Versailles

Schloss_Versailles_Springbrunnen_1Author: Wandernder Weltreisender . Source:

Fountain in the castle park of Versailles Palace

1024px-Cour_de_Marbre_du_Château_de_Versailles_October_5,_2011Author: Kimberly Vardeman . Source:

Marble Court of the Palace of Versailles

1024px-Versailles-Chateau-Jardins1024px-Versailles-Chateau-Jardins041024px-Versailles-Chateau-Jardins06Author: G CHP  . Source:

Étienne Le Hongre (French, 1628-1690): The Water Parterre. Decoration of the basin by a recumbent statue depicting a river or river in France: The Loire and Loiret, The Rhone and Saone, The Seine and the Marne, The Garonne and Dordogne. Here, the Seine, seventeenth century. Bronze melted by the Keller brothers and placed on the western edge of the North basin of the Parterre d’Eau gardens of Versailles, and west facade of the Palace of Versailles



4863599804_f578e75f7c_bAuthor for 3 photos: Yann Caradec . Source: 

Apollo basin in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles

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  1. Fabulous photos of a beautiful place. I first visited almost 50 years ago and am, at long last, taking my husband there for his maiden visit in June.

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