PICTURES OF A SPACE: 2-South islands of Bahamas


In this new category of article, I propose to my dear friends and readers, trips through the photos, to discover the charms of the regions of some countries and earth zones:
I start with The West Indies, France, and Thailand.


2-South islands of Bahamas

11632554655_7d57b33bce_kAuthor:Trish Hartmann. Source:

Cat Island, Bahamas

28246907148_283617754c_kAuthor: James St. John. Source:

Cat Island (Bahamas)

11874122026_327e314b23_kAuthor: Trish Hartmann. Source:

Beach at Alligator Point on Cat Island

25405490204_ff1524619c_kAuthor:Rüdiger Stehn. Source:

Cockburn Town, San Salvador, Bahamas

15848245423_b8109cdba8_hAuthor: James St. John. Source:

Watling’s Blue Hole (San Salvador Island, Bahamas)

15513345363_3412d01a23_hAuthor: James St. John. Source:

Dendrogyra cylindrus (pillar coral) (San Salvador Island, Bahamas)

24414904527_0e3940b708_kAuthor: James St. John. Source:

One of the Islands of Exuma Cays Archipelago (Bahamas) which consists of more than 360 islands or islets.

26050505381_13d2a3c02c_k.jpgAuthor:Rüdiger Stehn. Source:

Somewhere on the east and Atlantic coast of Long Island near Whitehouse and Sam McKinnon’s Settlement.

planalakes2Author:Keithpickering  . Source:

Plana Cays (western island)

Inagua lighthouse scrub at south endAuthor:Dr Mary Gillham Archive Project  . Source:

Inagua Island(the south end of Bahamas)

1st article on the northern islands of the Bahamas



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