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BRASILIA – Capital of Brazil

“When Kubitschek came to power in January 1956, he kept the promise of his electoral campaign: fifty years of progress in five years of government. One day he said to me: “Oscar, we will build the new capital of Brazil, in the middle of nowhere and from scratch. What symbol is stronger than the construction of Brasília to express its ambitions for a country ? ” Oscar Niemeyer (Brazilian architect and designer born December 15, 1907 in Rio de Janeiro where he died on December 5, 2012. He is best known for the construction of Brasilia in Brazil with urban planner Lucio Costa).

BRASILIA is the advent of a project dating back to the 18th century, when the idea of a capital inland begins to germinate, a city remote from threats permanently by maritime attacks.The challenge was to build the federal capital of Brazil on an area of 8.5 million square kilometers in a deserted area. It will be built in a thousand days, and 4 million trees will be planted.Brasília was inaugurated on April 21, 1960. It was named, and it is still: the “city of the future”.Planned to house 500,000 inhabitants, it currently has 2.5 million, and even more than 3 million with its suburbs.

Discover – my dear friends and readers – the beauty of Brasilia:

brasilia-2111416_960_720Author: mbastosbr . Source:

Brasilia_aerea_torredetveixomonumentalAuthor: Governo do Brasil . Source:



church-1008761_960_720Author:Orca . Source:


brasilia-2448030_960_720Author: shiguemoto25 . Source:

National Congress

bridge-at-night-in-brasilia-brazilAuthor: doloresbarrioslua . Source:

The bridge at night in Brasilia



800px-Brasilia_aerea_eixo_monumentalAuthor: Governo do Brasil . Source:



800px-Estádio_Nacional_de_BrasíliaAuthorElza Fiúza/ABr . Source:

National Stadium


800px-Brasilia_National_Museum_National_LibraryAuthor: Cayambe . Source:

architecture-704006_960_720Author: wilnerriascos0 . Source:

National Museum of Brasilia



6790023069_78d53d83cf_bAuthor (2photos): Rodrigo Soldon. Source:

The Museum of Contemporary Art




Reflection Brasilia Pgr Source:

Attorney General’s Office








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