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                        2-The beautiful town of ARZON


Arzon is a commune in the department of Morbihan, in Brittany, France; Located at the end of the peninsula Rhuys.

The town has two seaside resorts of very different characters:

Port Navalo (Porzh Noalou), dating from the early 20th century;
The Crouesty (Ar C’hroesti), a modern seaside resort, in constant development since the 1970s and until today, built around the largest marina on the Brittany coast.                                                                                                  [Wikipedia]

4537747253_1533ce8f0d_bAuthor:Tourisme MORBIHAN  . Source:

Gulf of Morbihan (Arzon is the gateway to the Gulf)


800px-ArzonAuthor: Nono vlf  . Source:

At the exit of Port Crouesty

800px-Petit_Mont_Cairn_ArzonAuthor: Man vyi . Source:

The Little Mount, cairn dolmen, in Rhuys peninsula

These megalithic constructions of great stones, have developed around the world, at different moments of History (between -6,500 BC and the end of the first millennium of our era).


800px-Breizh_56_-_Arzhon_Rewis_-_krugell_tumieg_AAuthor: Farz brujunet. Source:

Tumiac Tumulus or « Caesar Hill », Arzhon Rewis

according to legend, it served as an observatory to Julius Caesar during his war against the Venetians in 56 BC.


800px-Port-Navalo-baieAuthor: Rundvald. Source:

The beach south of Port Navalo.

800px-Golfe_du_Morbihan_-_1Author: Nono vlf. Source:

Gulf of Morbihan

4538376206_8de2539c07_bAuthor:Tourisme MORBIHAN  . Source:

Gulf of Morbihan


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  1. Lovely, indeed. Thank you for sharing your art as well. (By the way, I have had a life long appreciation of Gorky.) And thank you for following my blog.

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