Beauty of the mountains: folded mountains

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Beauty of the mountains

folded mountains


800px-062_Commana_Anticlinal_près_de_Croas_MelarAuthor: Moreau.henri  . Source:

Commana: Anticlinal around (east) Croas Melar, Brittany – France

When land layers of the Earth’s crust are subjected to tectonic stresses, these rocks will eventually deform. The deformations are initially soft, not brittle. We then obtain undulations of ground called folds. We are talking about folding rocks.
If the constraints continue, the deformations will become brittle: the rock breaks. We then obtain faults.
We can find folds of all sizes, from microplits less than one centimeter up to folds of regional dimension.                                                                                []

5231975258_175a8ba0b7_bAuthor: Dru! . Source:

Hedley Folds, Nelson batholith – Southern British Columbia

400px-Ovens_anticlineAuthor: Michael C. Rygel . Source: (treated)

Anticline and quartz “saddle reef” vein in the Halifax Formation (Cambrian), The Ovens, Nova Scotia – Canada

800px-Sevehah_CliffAuthor: Jane S. Richardson . Source:

Folded rocks of Sevehah Cliff, looking north from the trail up Convict Canyon. John Muir Wilderness, Sierra Nevada, California USA

Barrios_QuartziteAuthor: Dpastorgalan . Source:

Quartzite folded after shortening during the Carboniferous period (320 million years ago). La Barca Syncline, Asturias, Spain

800px-Agiospavlos_DM_2004_IMG002_FelsenformationAuthor: Dieter Mueller . Source:

Due to the tectonics of the alpine folds, these sediments formerly deposited in a deeper basin (Pindosozean) have been deformed. They are one of the most photographed geological objects of all Crete – Greece


Author: Wilson44691 . Source:

Syncline exposed in the lower parking lot of Calico Ghost Town near Barstow, California

800px-Folding_GasteretalAuthor: Woudloper . Source: (treated)

Detachment folding in Lower Jurassic limestone layers of the Doldenhorn nappe, Gasteretal, Switzerland

Location is at the Waldhus, looking north. Scale of the outcrop is about 1 km from left (west) to right (east). Mountain ridge is from Jegertosse (2154 m, left) to the Innerer Fisistock (2787 m)


Bekhal_in_Holydays_by_Husam.JasimAuthor: Husam.Jasim. Source:

Bekhal is located in the mountainous region of Kurdistan – Iraq Anne Burgess. Source:

Folded rocks near Collieston ( on the North Sea coast in Aberdeenshire, Scotland)

This is a splendid example of a tight recumbent fold, showing the forces which deformed these rocks during the Caledonian mountain building 400 million years ago.

Le_Réglès_BAuthor: Spiridon Ion Cepleanu. Source:

Mount Reglès (Alpes de Haute-Provence, France), synclinal fold

4016872_83a172aaCreative Commons Licence [Some Rights Reserved]   © Copyright Anne Burgess and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence. Source:

Complex Folds, 3 km from Glenfinnan, Highland, Great Britain

The rocks here are mica schists, pelites and psammites typical of the Glenfinnan Division of the Moine succession. They have been extensively deformed by tectonic movements, as can be seen by the many folds and the fact that here, in what is termed the Steep Belt, they have been tilted so that what was once horizontal is now close to vertical. They have been shaped into smooth mounds by the erosive power of a glacier moving over them during the last Ice Age.


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  1. The folds are formed with new non-hard sediments. The tectonic movements of the mantle deforms them before they become hard rocks.
    If the sedimentary layers are already hard, with the tectonic movements, they break and produce faults, not folds.

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