Sculptures not very famous in Southeast Baltic countries


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Sculptures not very famous in 

Southeast Baltic countries




Oscar_Wilde_in_Estonia-_(3538497107)Author: Alastair Rae. Source:

A memorial to the imaginary conversation between Oscar Wilde and Estonian writer Eduard Vilde which might have taken place in the year 1892 if the two had actually met. Tartu, Comté de Tartu, Estonie

273530742_f59b6ddcf6_bAuthor: Jim G. Source: (Some rights reserved)

Song Fest Grounds, Tallinn, Estonia

Toompea, the hill on which Tallinn is centered, is a treasure trove to be explored. You will find appealing medieval architecture, historic sites, and Baltic culture to menti

Paul_Kerese_malestusmark_NarvaAuthor: Eduard Sadala. Source:

Paul Kerese malestusmark, Narva

Paul Kerès (January 7, 1916 in Narva, Estonia – June 5, 1975 in Helsinki, Finland) is an Estonian (then Soviet) chess player in 1940. He was one of the greatest chess players from the late 1930s to the mid-1960s. Kerès won the very strong AVRO tournament of 1938, ahead of the best players of the 1930s: Fine, Botvinnik, Euwe, Reshevsky, Alekhine, Capablanca and Flohr.                                        []


Riga_-_Monument_to_Latvian_Red_Riflemen_-_Piemineklis_latviešu_sarkanajiem_strēlniekiem_-_panoramioSource: giggel. Source:

Monument to Latvian Red Riflemen

Ventspils_-_panoramio_(3)Author: Sirujs Enobs. Source:

Sculpture in Venspils, Latvia

Rīga,_Ulugbeka_piemineklis_2004-04-08_-_panoramioAuthor: J. Sedols. Source:

Riga, Ulugbek monument 

Ulugh Beg, born Muhammad Tāraghay, was a prince, then sultan, of the Timurid dynasty, born on 22 March 1394 in Sultaniya (Iran), died on 27 October 1449 in Samarkand (now in Uzbekistan). Astronomer and mathematician. []

320400981_94d2633cc5_bAuthor: jaime.silva. Source: (Some rights reserved)

Rīga – Kārlis Padegs

Kārlis Padegs (1911-1940) was a very original latvian painter


5161222725_357ab46598_bAuthor: Judah Morford. Source: (Some rights reserved)

Hazelnut Owl sculpture, Vilnius
“Hazelnut Owl” was the pen name of two sister writers: Sofija Pšibiliauskienė and Marija Lastauskienė. The sculpture is by Dalia Matulaitė.

Lithuanian_National_Drama_Theatre_statuesAuthor:Bernt Rostad. Source:

Three muses above the entrance to the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre on Gedimino prospektas in Vilnius.

Since its establishment in 1940,. Until 1998 it was known as the Academical Theatre.

312293155_2bfdfeef86_bAuthor: jaime.silva. Source: (Some rights reserved)

 Frank Zappa memorial, Vilnius 

Frank Vincent Zappa, born December 21, 1940 in Baltimore and died December 4, 1993 in Los Angeles, is a musician, guitarist, songwriter, performer, sound engineer, producer, satirist and American director. His works deal with several distinct genres: rock, jazz and classical music, as well as a link to concrete music.    []

Klaipéda_Skulptur_MeerjungfrauAuthor: Hajotthu. Source:

Sculpture of a mermaid in Klaipéda on the River Dané


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