The exceptional beauty of the cosmos

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The exceptional beauty of the cosmos

In the universe, to images of great beauty. Here are some pictures, exceptional, galaxies and nebulas, too far from us:

30758487687_9978423775_kAuthor: Mark Forbes. Source:

The Pelican Nebula (IC5070) in the constellation Cygnus alongside part of the North American Nebula (NGC7000). Imaged 29.10.2018


Antennae galaxies (NGC 4038 & 4039)

The two spiral galaxies started to interact a few hundred million years ago, making the Antennae galaxies one of the nearest and youngest examples of a pair of colliding galaxies. Nearly half of the faint objects in the Antennae image are young clusters containing tens of thousands of stars. 

626px-The_Eagle_Nebula_M16_Goran_Nilsson_&_The_Liverpool_TelescopeAuthor: Göran Nilsson & The Liverpool Telescope . Source:

HaRGB image of The Eagle Nebula (M16)

7796856900_7c8f877172_kAuthor: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center . Source:

The 30 Doradus Nebula is 170,000 light-years from Earth

24406653317_4561f182be_kAuthor: Mark Forbes. Source:

Multi-exposure HDR image of the Orion Nebula and Sh2-279 Running Man Nebula.

29634301597_fa0eda43e3_hAuthor:Martin Heigan. Source:

Fighting Dragons Nebula, NGC 6188

19550653503_e4e0017579_bAuthor: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. Source:

The Trifid Nebula: image reveals filaments of glowing dust clouds and newborn stars (of the Spitzer Space Telescope). The Trifid Nebula is about 30 light-years across and lies only 5,500 light-years away.

600px-Hubble's_Sharpest_View_of_the_Orion_Nebula_(27747552400)Author: NASA Hubble Space Telescope . Source:

The sharpest view ever taken of this region (roiling dust and gas where thousands of stars are forming), called the Orion Nebula. More than 3,000 stars of various sizes appear in this image.

800px-Iris_Nebula_(NGC7023)_by_Göran_Nilsson,_Hole_ObservatoryAuthor: Göran Nilsson  . Source:

Iris Nebula (NGC7023)

cosmos-3629188_1920Author:ILikeThePixies  . Source:

A galaxy










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