Do you know this place ?

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Do you know this place ?

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In this series, I discover, for my friends, beautiful places very little known. In the whole world.

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Sligo is a town in County Sligo in ( the northwest of) the Republic of Ireland. Sligo is located on the banks of the Garavogue River, just before it empties into the sea. Sligo is the English name derived from the Gaelic name Sligeach, which would mean a “place where there is a lot of seafood”, due to the presence of Sambaqui and traces of fire dating back to the Stone Age.                                [Wikipedia]

Sligo and its region are famous for:
Knocknarea: large hill west of the city, visually striking by its monolithic appearance
Ballysadare Bay, with its beautiful beaches

13th century Dominican abbey
Museum of art and art
“The road to the port of the two fords”
megalithic tombs
*The Famine Family Memorial

*Horse races


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