Paint movements : HYPERREALISM

Paint movements

In this series of articles, I will give you, dear friends and readers, a simplified idea of the main styles and movements of painting.


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Richard Estes Connection

Hyperrealism is an artistic movement of the last quarter of the twentieth century. The influence of photography in the hyperrealist movement is also major. Hyperrealist paintings show scenes from everyday life, portraits … But, there are several hypotheses: one who considers that hyperrealism is only a continuation of Pop Art, because he uses as his own popular symbols, the other who sees hyperrealism as a break from abstraction, by resurging figuration.

Hyperrealism consists of the identical reproduction of an image in painting, so realistic that the viewer comes to wonder if the nature of the artistic work is a painting or a photograph.

Richard Estes is one of the main artists of this movement, Born May 14, 1932 in Kewanee, Illinois, is an American painter (now 86 years old).

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Supreme Hardware, Richard Estes, oil on canvas 1935

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Central Savings” by Richard Estes.

[1975, Oil on canvas, dimensions:36 x 48 inches (91.44 x 121.92 cm)]


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  1. Oh the Supreme Hardware is my favorite! I didn’t know about this movement so thanks. I can’t get over how it’s a painting . I would have loved to watch him paint it. Thanks.

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