BERGEN : One of the beautiful towns of the world

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One of the beautiful towns of the world

BERGEN (Norway)

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Bergen is a city in southwestern Norway (278,121 inhabitants), it is a port city, a university town, and a bishopric. The city is located at the end of a peninsula formed by many fjords advancing inland. An archipelago and three more massive islands to the west protect it from the Norwegian Sea.
The city was founded in 1070 by King Olaf III, said the Tranquil because his reign was not disturbed by internal quarrels or wars.
Until the early twentieth century the city was specialized in the manufacture of ropes, carried out in very long buildings.                           [Extracts from: Wikipedia]

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In modern and contemporary times, Bergen‘s old families and elites continued to build immense empires of exchange and wealth, the best evidence of which is the luxurious buildings dotted around the city. The city was equipped with the telephone in 1882, the tramway in 1897 and the electricity in 19001.
Near the North Atlantic, the historic city stretches between seven wooded mountains.
The city enjoys a temperate ocean climate. Thermal amplitudes are low, winters are not too cold and summers are mild.                           [Extracts from: Wikipedia]

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Statue of Ludvig Holberg in Bergen

Ludvig Holberg (born December 3, 1684 in Bergen – died January 28, 1754 in Copenhagen) is the first great Nordic writer of modern times. .. The genius of Holberg will give the vernacular language its nobility, inspired by humanism, the Enlightenment and Baroque…….[wikipedia]

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