Do you know this place ?


Do you know this place ?

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800px-Split_iz_zraka1) Author: E.coli. Source:

800px-Split_20062) Author: Juloml. Source:

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1024px-StreetSplit41624) Author: Beyond silence . Source:

Daily market in Split, Croatia5) Author: Marco Verch Professional Photographer and Speaker. Source:

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800px-Split2006.47) Author: Roberta F. . Source:

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Statue of Gregorius of Nin in Split, Croatia10) Author: Marco Verch Professional Photographer and Speaker. Source:


The answer:

SPLIT – Croatia

Split (167,121 inhabitants in 2011) is a city of Croatia, located in central Dalmatia, on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, on the peninsula of Marjan.
For seventeen centuries, the Roman emperor Diocletian had chosen this site to build a palace around which the city of Split has been transformed.
the beauty of the city Split lies in its location between the big green hill of Marjan and the Adriatic coast (with the harbor, the beach of Bene and Marjan forest park).

Title photo: City of Split panorama (Author: Zoran Knez . Source:

Photo 1: Split: An aerial view on city harbor, Diocletian’s Palace and part of city core (from North)

Photo 2: Centre of Split, view from sea

Photo 3: Croatia Hrvatska Split City

Photo 4Street in Split

Photo 5: Daily market in Split

Photo 6: Split

Photo 7: Split, Splitska riva

Photo 8: Kašjuni beach from Marjan Hill, Split

Photo 9Split

Photo 10: Statue of Gregorius of Nin in Split


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