Deep feelings_detail

Deep feelings_details. ALOZADE Ahmed


The digital painting  is a form of painting in which digital tools are applied instead of traditional techniques (pencil, oil paint, charcoal, impasto acrylics) .The canvas, brushes, colors, rags, gums, … are applied using digital software in a computer skills (PC, tablet, …); creations downloaded and printed.
The digital painting is used by professional and amateur artists to create digital artwork (Drawing, Painting, etc …); As practiced by technical professionals to meet the visual demands of the market, such as illustrations, rear-scenes and designs used by economic activities (production of video games, television programs, cartoons, advertisements, decorative themes, … ..etc).

Claire & Sombre

Claire & Sombre. ALOZADE Ahmed

Why not you ?

After watching beautiful digital paintings of artists; Most of you asks: why not me?
The question is legitimate, you can imagine digital artist, amateur or professional, and you can begin the first steps tonight. BUT you must have some requirements, including:
1) You must have a love of colors, paintings, photographs, illustrations, figures, landscapes, modes … .as ART, not just as decoration.
2) You must have a drawing of “primary” experience of several years (not less than 10 years) .. (your brain always keeps your tastes, your feelings, your joys … that you experienced during childhood practices … they will be your artistic intuitions)
3) You must have a study or a technical course of painting “classic” (not less than one year) .Car these are the techniques you’ll practiced, but with the new computer tools.
4) You must have a strong ambition to BE someone, no POSSESSION wealth. The Eternal Art is never the right path of wealth (same effort, the same energy, same time, same budget … will give you a lot of money in economic activity quickly ..and).
5) You must have sufficient SPACES to practice it, isolate, create, store, archive and publish … I’m talking about several areas: time slot, surface area, budget space, computer Download Area … and psycho-social area.
If you have these conditions, You will one day DIGITAL ARTIST.

The stag mountains_Detail

The stag mountains_Detail . ALOZADE Ahmed

You decided to practice digital painting ? you have conditions ? Bravo…..I Encourage you

“In DIGITAL PAINTING The computer creates nothing, it is the creation of the artist”
“I started with the famous free software” Paint “, on a simple PC (300 GB, RAM2 GB) with a Microsoft Windows XP. It was a good start ….. I keep this material now as a souvenir”                                                                     ALOZADE Ahmed


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