Mois : juillet 2019


PAINT MOVEMENTS  International Experimental Artists (IAE) = Cobra Movement Cobra (CoBrA) or the International of Experimental Artists (IAE) is an artistic movement validated in Paris in 1948 by the poets Christian Dotremont and Joseph Noiret and by the painters Karel Appel, Constant, Corneille, Asger Jorn and Tameret Lachenille […]

Beautiful small islands

Beauty of Art and Images for you —————————— Beauty of Nature:   Beautiful small islands The small islands have a special charm, they are the last refuges for living natural elements, places of geological treasures, bioclimatic micro-systems and isolated romantic paradises. I hope these photos will give you […]


PHOTOS OF PARIS- France (2) Here are other photos I took for you during my trip to Paris, early June 2019 Great Arch of Defense ( West of Paris) Avenue Benoît Frachon – Montreuil (East of Paris) Buildings of the La Défense district (West of Paris) The Eiffel […]

My semi-abstract artistic creation: « Fire is under control »

My semi-abstract artistic creation « Fire is under control » Description: A charming and impressive artistic creation, with its surrealistic expressionist structure. Its subject is an enlightened and framed psychic state, reinforced by its mobile texture and warm, homogeneous colors. TITLE  PAINTING: « Fire is under control » ARTIST: ALOZADE Ahmed STYLE: […]

Beautiful gardens of the World

ART AND BEAUTY IMAGES FOR YOU Beautiful gardens of the World Dear friends and readers I present, more photos, the most beautiful gardens in the world. For the greatest pleasure of your eyes: a)  Seoul, South Korea: Dosan Memorial Park Author: Daderot, Source: Cosmos flowers at Ichon Hangang Park […]

The most beautiful cliffs in the world

Beauty of Art and Images for you —————————— The most beautiful cliffs in the world The tectonic faults of our planet, created an exceptional natural beauty: The cliffs, which bring together the grandiosity of the terrestrial reliefs, the beauty of the water, the charm of the lights, and […]

The beauty of world architecture

Beauty of Art and Images for you On this page, i am looking for my readers the art, beauty, creativity, impressionism …. where are, in our life ARCHITECTURE is digital art  The beauty of world architecture I have chosen fantastic images of architectural masterpieces that represent the modern […]

Asia: Beautiful beaches

Art and beauty Images, for you  Beautiful beaches of Asia Author (2 photos):Ana Raquel S. Hernandes. Source: Havelock beach (Andaman Islands), India Author: rmac8oppo . Source: Author :BORIS G. Source: Lamai Beach, Ko Samui island,  Thailand Author (2 photos): Fabio Achilli. Source: Entalula Island, El Nido, […]