The most beautiful castles of France

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The most beautiful castles of France

Behind the famous castle of Versaille, France has a long list of beautiful castles; they are a great historical treasure.

The medieval castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg:

800px-Carte_postale.Château_du_Haut-KœnigsbourgAuthor: Vitold Muratov . Source:

Discovered this fact after our visitAuthor:harryalverson. Source:

The castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg is a medieval fort which is located in Alsace region in the municipality of Orschwiller in the department of Bas-Rhin. The castle – which contains furniture, weapons collections and many other reconstructions – dominates the whole valley of Alsace and stands like a robust colossus on Selestat.

Castle Villandry:

800px-Chateau-Villandry-VueGenerale-JardinsAuthor: Jean-Christophe BENOIST . Source:


5233794818_120c7107ab_bAuthor: Matthieu Aubry. . Source:

The castle of Villandry is located a few kilometers from the city of Tours in the Loire. Its elegant Renaissance architecture, mingled with beautiful gardens make this Castle a World Heritage Site.

Chenonceau Castle:

15291403259_88f6a657fe_kAuthor: Dennis Jarvis.

15455241536_f22682bd84_kAuthor: Dennis Jarvis.

The castle of Chenonceau, created in 1513 – classified historic monument – is in the town of Chenonceau in the Center region. The castle is famous for its gallery of « Domes » which will retrace the history of all the « Ladies » of Chenonceau as for example Catherine de Medici. It is the second castle visited in France (after Versailles) thanks to its architecture, its paintings, its tapestries, and all its unique works of art.

Chambord Castle:

5233793094_d360c2d710_bAuthor: Matthieu Aubry. . Source:

800px-Chateau_Chambord_editAuthor: User:Elementerre . Source:

Chambord Castle, located in the town of Chambord, is the most prestigious castles of the Loire. The Chambord Castle – a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981 – occupies 800 hectares with a garden, a hunting park and a wildlife reserve. The site of the castle was initially hosted a feudal mound, and the former castle of the counts of Blois. The origin of the present castle goes back to the reign of King François I of France who oversees its construction from 1519.


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