My 4 artistic creations of

September 2017

(Abstract expressionist style)

8K_flamingos battle_17_9_2017

flamingos battle___ALOZADE Ahmed

9 K_The crater_ 18_9_2017

The crater___ ALOZADE Ahmed

10K_Mobile Debrisl_19_9_2017

Mobile Debris___ ALOZADE Ahmed

11K_capillary propagation_20_9_2017

Capillary propagation___ ALOZADE Ahmed

10 Comments on “My artistic creations of 2017

  1. color is the music of the eyes. color is the driver of the nerves. color is the energetic beauty of the psychic.🌺🌼🌻🌷🍀💜

  2. Interesting use of color. What I’m learning is that I love color most of all. Color is a song and songs tell stories. Oh I should paint this.

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