Do you know this city ?

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Do you know this city ?

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Cascais Boot Ship Fishing Boat Portugal Sea                                                      Source :

5341917552_e3910b352c_b2                                Author: Diana Passy. Source :

319839976_9488a3940d_z3                              Author: Vitor Oliveira. Source :

Cascais Portugal Lighthouse Coast                                       4                                                        Source :

The Atlantic Coast Cascais Sea Europe Portugal5                                                         Source :

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA6           Author: Mike Steele . Source :

Nature Ocean Cascais Coast Portugal Sea Summer7                                                  Source :

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DCIM/100MEDIA/DJI_0643.JPG9                 Author: IBI Productions. Source :


CASCAIS – Portugal

Cascais is a Portuguese coastal town … Favored by the mildness of a climate where the cleanliness of the sea air and the cool winds from the Sintra massif combine, by a beautiful sandy beach bordering a harmonious bay of Costa del Sol, Cascais is both a traditional fishing port and a lively seaside resort, it is a popular Portuguese destination.
Its population in 1991 was 153,300, covering an area of 97 km2.


1-Fishing boat in the sea in front of Cascais

2-Statue of King D. Carlos in Cascais

3-Marker erected after the liberal wars in the early 19th century. It has since been       moved to different locations several times.

4-Lighthouse on the coast of cascais

5-Cascais beach on the Portuguese Atlantic coast

6-A street of the coastal city Cascais

7-The Atlantic Ocean in the Cascais coast in summer
8-Central square October 5 in Cascais with statue of Dom Pedro I
9-Palace of the Dukes of Palmela and ocean swimming Alberto Romano

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