The Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum

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The Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum

Museu_de_Arte_Contemporânea_by_Diego_BaravelliAuthor:Diego Baravelli . Source:

The Niterói Museum of Contemporary Art is located in Niterói, in the Boa Viagem district, opposite the city of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). It was designed by Oscar Niemeyer assisted by the engineer Bruno Conrini. The construction of the museum lasted five years, to open in 1996. The building is 16 meters high, its dome has three levels with a diameter ranging from 18 to 20 meters. The whole is raw concrete painted in pure white. Around the museum, a square of 2,500 m2 is arranged to allow clear the silhouette of the building.
The resolutely futuristic flying saucer, similar to a UFO, is placed on a cliff that ends with a beach. [Wikipedia]

19091315986_390594d646_kAuthor:Marinelson Almeida . Source:

3215826468_497fbed4df_bAuthor:Rodrigo Soldon . Source:

18496285193_8ecd6d30d9_kAuthor:Marinelson Almeida . Source:

3215484528_7427e00a3e_bAuthor:Rodrigo Soldon . Source:

Modern and contemporary Brazilian painting:


Tarsila do Amaral Self-portrait with orange dress, 1921

Author:Banco Central do Brasil. Source:


Emiliano di Cavalcanti Reclining Nude with Fish and Fruit [1956]

Author: Gandalf’s Gallery. Source:



Candido Portinari, Tiradentes, 1948

Author: Samuel Kassapian Jr. Source: &


Beatriz MilhazesSucculent Eggplants [1996]

Author: Gandalf’s Gallery. Source:

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