ASTE NAGUSIA: Great week festival of Bilbao

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Great week festival of Bilbao

In 1978 several associations of Bilbao decided to organize a competition of ideas for the creation of a Great Week, for the citizens and the visitors of the city during the summers.Thus was born the festival ASTE NAGUSIA (“la Semana Grande” in Spanish, great week in English)


or nine days (from 17 to 25 August 2019) the festival will fill the streets of the city and thousands of people would make an appointment to enjoy the good atmosphere and the many cultural activities included in the holiday program.

The Marijaia is a plump woman with arms still raised for the celebration. It was created on 19 August 1978 by Mari Puri Herrero, who designed and built it in just five days .Since 1978, the character of Marijaia is the official symbol of ASTE NAGUSIA … Since 1997, she has her own song, known as “Badator Marijaia”.

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