Mois : octobre 2019

Architecture of Shenzhen

Beauty of Art and Images for you ARCHITECTURE is digital Author: Yida Xu. Source: The beauty of the architecture of Shenzhen City Shenzhen is a sub-provincial city of Guangdong Province in China. It has only really developed since 1980 with the status of « Special Economic Zone ». Smoggy […]

Beauty of the islands: St. LUCIA ISLAND

BEAUTY OF ART AND IMAGES FOR YOU Beauty of the islands: St. LUCIA ISLAND Source (4 photos): Saint Lucia is the queen of Caribbean beauty, with its twin volcanic peaks, crescent-shaped beaches, golden-sand palms, small fishing villages, reefs, waterfalls and healing hot springs. Saint Lucia is an […]

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Beauty of art and images for you   The festivales The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2006 Author (2 photos):Edinburgh Blog . Source: The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, is an artistic festival inaugurated in 1947 that takes place every year in August in Edinburgh for three weeks. The Fringe is […]