My 3rd new-realistic creation of September 2019 : « Community in solitude »

My new-realistic creation-3

« Community in solitude« 

« Community in Solitude » is a naturalist figurative painting, about it natural and romantic, adds a family of bluish colors of water and sky and very bright points that come out of the emotions of the artist and indicate a life stable, developed and isolated social

The surrealist system of the image poses biological, emotional and aesthetic questions.


« Community in solitude« 







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18 September 2019


« Community in solitude« 

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10 réflexions sur “My 3rd new-realistic creation of September 2019 : « Community in solitude »

  1. More people need to realize the benefits when looking at a painting. Now, at least your cultural elite can follow you deeper into the meaning of your paintings. Thank you! 📚🎶

  2. I am not a « revolutionary » intellectual who seeks to provoke a large number of people .
    No, I am a « thinker » artist who communicates with the cultural elite. (The aesthetic art lasts only a short time. art of mind lasts for centuries).

  3. All of that radiates in your paintings. Most people wouldn’t give a painting that much thought! Maybe pick up on the aesthetics, then on their way. It would be nice for people to linger awhile, but personal, mundane thoughts crowd in. 📚🎶 Christine

  4. hello and thank you my dear Christine❤..
    I am an artist « intellectual » I aim by my work 3 objectives at once:
    * to force the mind to think far (in space, in time, and in metaphysics).
    * create an aesthetic system that gives harmony, beauty and light.
    * provoke sensations, feelings, unconsciousness, imagination, and … reactions.

  5. hi my dear Christine..🌻
    my idea in this creation was the comparison between different kinds of isolation. It is a socio-philosophical problem where the war is hot between the technical and geographical elements and the socio-cultural conditions. It is enough to give the cement, the electricity, the road, the hospital, the school. … to a people to bring them out of isolation? and psycho-cultural isolation, what is it, pure nature is it the good refuge? ….. I have no answers like all philosophers😊

  6. Ahmed, another painting that evoked thought. This one brings up isolation. As a writer, I’d welcome a small village on an island. Just enough togetherness, but, no interference in my solitude. Once a week, I’d go to market, get my mail, and chat with the locals. I’d live on the edge of town, overlooking the ocean. They’d secretly keep an eye on me. 📚🎶 Christine

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