Sculptures not very famous in BUENOS AIRES – Argentina

Eva Peron monument

Author: Phillips Capper. Source: commons.wikimedia

Tribute to the national ballet

in Plaza Lavalle, si a mémorial to the nine membres of the Teatro Colon ballet troupe Who died in a plané crash in the Rio de la Plata.

Author: Wally Gobetz. Source: flickr

Floralies Generica

Unités Nations Square

Author: Flaviani. Source: needpix

The monument to the Two Congresses

Located at the center of Plaza del Congresont, 1914

Author: Wally Gobetz. Source: flickr

Monumento a Juan Manuel Fangio

Designed by sculpter catalan artist Jos Sabatte, was erected long Azucena Villaflors. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of his death on 2005.

Author: Wally Gobetz. Source: flickr

Sculpture in honor to Emilio Mitre


Author: Metronomo. Source: commons.wikimedia

The Reaper

Designed by belgian sculpter Emile Meunhier in 1936

Author: Wally Gobetz. Source: flickr

The fontain of the Nereids

A work of the Argentine sculpter Lola Mora , it is carved in Carrara marble, inaugurated on May 21,1903.

Author: Secretaria de Cultura de la nacion. Source: flickr

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