Do you know this beautiful place ?


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Beauty of Art and  Images for you Do you know this beautiful place ?   Road Streetview  Landscape National Park Relic Ross Castle Store traffic in downtown Killarney Muckross House Manor House  Photos source: KILLARNEY – Ireland Killarney is … Lire la suite

My new artistic experience (2)


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My new artistic experience (2) This month (November 2019) I started an experiment to create digital artistic works for the clothing industry. Here are my first 7 creations: click to enlarge Christmas snow Purple feelings   Violet Planet Movements in … Lire la suite

The energetic and beautiful nature of the Hawaiian Islands


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Art and beauty Images, for you The energetic and beautiful nature of the Hawaiian Islands   Author: pixaoppa . Source: needpix source: needpix Author: kdvandeventer . Source: needpix Author: kdvandeventer . Source: needpix Author: hhabicht . Source: needpix Source: needpix … Lire la suite

My surrealist artistic creation:  » Post-apocalypse, pre-reconstruction « 


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My surrealist artistic creation  » Post-apocalypse, pre-reconstruction «  Description: « Post-apocalypse, pre-reconstruction » is an surrealist creation of free imagination, very impressionistic by its astronomical subject, its geometric, luminous and eventful elements, and its bright colors TITLE PAINTING: « Post-apocalypse, pre-reconstruction«  ARTIST: ALOZADE … Lire la suite

Beautiful ski slopes (1)


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BEAUTY OF IMAGES AND ART FOR YOU Beautiful ski slopes (1) My dear friends At the beginning of the cold season (north of the earth), I was looking for you, the most beautiful ski slopes in all the countries of … Lire la suite

The festivales: Way Out West (festival)


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Beauty of art and images for you The festivales: Beauty is moving? Yeeees Way Out West (festival) 2010 Author:Jonipoon . Source: Way Out West is a three-day music festival held in Gothenburg, Sweden, in August. Rock, electronic music and … Lire la suite